When you ask us to create an experimental visual dialogue between science and the arts about the impact of space on humanity, first of all – that’s straight up tight. Sign us up. And second, you know we about to be mixing mediums, smashing those effects, and creating a full on digital collage of disparate content that ultimately comes together into one cohesive video. 

At least, that’s where we went when the good people over at the Karman Project, a non-profit group that fosters global conversations about space, approached us for this project.

To present the film “The Space That Makes Us Human,” directed by Hélène Huby, we took webcam footage shot at home by leaders in visual art, technology, politics, and more to create the ultimate found-art style video that transcends the space between us.


For all the people out there who don’t usually think about space – this documentary will give you a reason to start. Thanks to The Karman Project, we about to get educated, people!

Directed by Amigototal
Agency: Impolite
Director: Pol Solà
Design: Carlo Candido Todesco, Tommaso Boccheni, Pol Solà
Animation: Pol Solà, Carlo Candido Todesco, Tommaso Boccheni, Edu Altarriba
3D: Raul Peix
Color: Ana Gale
Music: Hiko Sound