LOVIE Awards

Opener video for the 9th edition of the LOVIE Awards. An award show that recognizes the unique and resonant nature of the European Internet community, from Europe’s top web and creative networks and content publishers, to cultural and political organizations and individual creators.

This year’s main theme was “Yay!”, a celebration of the happiness that the internet and its surroundings can make us feel. Since happiness is such a personal feeling, we decided to represent it with a bunch of different situations that could appeal to as many people as possible. A wide tribute to all those different moments that can make our day with such small things. Let’s Yay!

Client: LOVIE Awards
Graphic Campaign Designer: Joäo Castro

Direction: Amigo Total
Design: Amigo Total
Animation: Amigo Total
Rotoscopy: Pierre Leus & Pau Anglada
Music: Amigo Total