MIRA — 14

We wanted to convey an overall view of all the contemporary visual culture disciplines offered by the festival, and we chose an aesthetic where the viewer can experience a virtual exhibition visit to discover different works related to all the topics of MIRA: Sound, Light and Movement.

The animation is reactive to the sound, so we made first the audio track and then we have setup all the parameters in the scene to get this automatic behaviour. We used the real time GPU render engine Octane Render.

The new graphic campaign revolves around two installations located in two imaginary galleries. Interaction and staging are the common factors of these pieces that play with a 3D realism mixed with elements out of context and impossible physical actions that help create a sense of confusion and disorder in the viewer. Imaginary avant-garde spaces, post-digital aesthetic and an important technological connection that brings the installations to life.

Direction: Amigo Total

Client: Mira Festival
Design: Amigo Total
Animation: Amigo Total