MIRA — 16

The 2016 campaign is based on the analogy between the Digital Arts Festival and the Bodybuilding culture, with references to its effort, hard work, and energy. This is symbolized aesthetically throughout the graphic campaign and extended to having a consumable product line that allows the audience to physically feel the essence of the Festival.

The campaign consists of a Music Video to show the Festival’s Line Up and a photo shooting for all print outputs.


Photographer: Marçal Vaquer

Direction: Amigo Total

Bodybuilders: Rakel Ramos & Angel Higueras
Producer: Inés Massa
DOP: Alberto Bañares
Art Director: Dominique Aizpurua
Costume designer: Olivia Montardit

3D Animation: Amigo Total
Editor: Estel Roman
Color Grading: Marc Morató @ La Metropolitana
Casting: Olivia Montardit / Olga Valiño
First Assistant Director: Inés Massa
Production Management: Olga Valiño
Focus Puller: Sergi La Fuente
Camera Assistant: Yasmina Ikimou
Gaffer: Carles Román
Spark: Marc Llusià, Ferran Serra, Pau Ramírez

Make up:  Laura Bruy
Make up assistant: Jana Costa
Choreography: Aina Gargallo Sánchez

Music & sound design: Amigo Total

Camera equipment: Service Vision
Grip equipment: Service Vision
Light equipment: Service Vision
Production material: Service Vision, Behind The Movies
Catering: Pastisseria Comas

Special Thanks to:
Service Vision – Hector Giró, David Giró, Verónica Vilches, Andy Vizcaíno, David Cano
Behind the Movies – Marta Antón
, NASA FX, Blackbox, Metropolitana
Marc Corominas, Alba Barneda, Alejandra Alaff