SEAT Ateca

A snowboarding Yeti crosses your path?
A rushed T-Rex unexpectedly comes up on your left?
UFOs swoop down in the middle of the night to mess with your road visibility?

No matter how absurd it gets, the great folks at C14 approached us to direct this campaign that proves that the Seat Ateca’s always got you covered 🌪️⚡️

In order to achieve a semi-real, semi-surreal aesthetic, we worked with Unreal Engine. As the goal was to create an ad that could be featured on social media, in particular Instagram Stories, our mission was to design the videos in such a way that the user could experience the progression of absurdity in a modular loop.

All in all, this campaign celebrates a world where anything is possible, and you don’t even have to be scared of what that really means because your car is there to protect you. Which like goals!

Directed by: Amigo Total

Client: SEAT

Agency: C14

Production Company: The Mushroom Co

Executive Producer: Guillermina Trejo

Animation Production: Amigo Total

Head of Production: Victoria Ventura

Director: Ibran Trassierra

Direction Assistance: Pol Solà

3D: Raül Peix

Compositing: Raül Peix